Whiskey Acres Distilling Co.

Seed to Spirit


FRI/SAT 1:30 - 8:30, SUN 1:30 - 5:30

We believe great whiskey isn't made. It's grown. Check out our intro video to see the people and places behind Whiskey Acres. Shot and produced by John Fedele at Fedele Studios.Web Site: www.whiskeyacres.com @whiskeyacres www.johnfedele.com @fedelephoto

From Seed to Spirit 

What does it take to make the finest whiskey in the world? Start with the finest grains grown on the best soils the earth has to offer. Add water naturally filtered by the limestone aquifer found deep under those same soils. 

Then complete the task by handcrafting a distilled spirit using the same hands of the 5th generation farmers who grew that grain. They know the land, their ingredients, and what it means to pay attention to detail. Blend together using equipment and know-how forged in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Add a little patience. 

Distilling year-round and open to the public from March-November, we are an Estate Distillery like none other in the United States. 

In Chicago’s own backyard.

       Farming & Distilling - a family tradition since (at least) 1897.

       Farming & Distilling - a family tradition since (at least) 1897.