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Whiskey Wash Rye Review: 5/5 stars“ ..this whiskey has turned my previously-held assumptions on their head. And I’m amazed at how full the flavor is, without any particular element coming across as heavy-handed, considering the young age of this batch. With a fantastic palate and nose, and an affordable price, I highly recommend checking this one out. If this is the future of farm-to-still whiskey, count me in.

Axis of Whiskey Rye Review:  "…This is the best rye I've had in 2016, it's one I'll stock with regularity, and it's a damn knockout.”

Whiskey Wash Bourbon Review: 89/100. "…this is a very corn-forward bourbon, which I find to be a nice change of pace—and it fits the distillery’s logo, besides. The juxtaposition of bright, crisp vegetal notes with sticky-sweet baking spice and brown sugar is a surprisingly effective one. At $45 a bottle, it’s relatively affordable for a truly farm-to-glass expression, and definitely leaves a unique impression."

Axis of Whiskey Bourbon Review: "…The nose contains some buttered popcorn, along with a hint of fennel and a dollop of honey. The palate is just a lot of fun. There's more corn, but it's deepened into something like fresh-baked cornbread. That lays a foundation for layers of brown sugar, citrus, cinnamon, and a whisper of allspice. And the finish is an absolute delight. It lingers and brings a bit of carrot cake along for the ride. This is a truly fun and complex whisky…”

Whiskey Wash’s Top Gift Worthy Bourbon’s Under $50:  The only craft product on the list. "If you’re looking for something from a craft distillery, this wheated bourbon from a farm-to-glass distillery in Illinois is an interesting expression. It’s quite corn-forward, crisp, bright, and almost vegetal compared with the classic bourbon profile. For bourbon drinkers who’ve tried everything, this one makes a unique gift…"