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Axis of Whiskey Reviews Whiskey Acres Bourbon: "This is truly a fun and complex whisky..."


After a fairly grueling day, sometimes all I want is a whiskey that will challenge me and make me see the world in a different way. Today, that whiskey is the Whiskey Acres Bourbon ($39, ABV 43.5). This corn whiskey is made from corn grown on the Whiskey Acres farm and, man, does it ever find room to play in the drink. The nose contains some buttered popcorn, along with a hint of fennel and a dollop of honey. The palate is just a lot of fun. There's more corn, but it's deepened into something like fresh-baked cornbread. That lays a foundation for layers of brown sugar, citrus, cinnamon, and a whisper of allspice. And the finish is an absolute delight. It lingers and brings a bit of carrot cake along for the ride. This is a truly fun and complex whisky and one that I gave a friend on his recent 40th. I absolutely recommend this gem. Cheers, friends, and happy Whiskey Wednesday! - TM #spirits #alcohol #booze #slainte #cheers #drinks #whisky #whiskey #whiskeygram #whiskygram #instawhiskey #instawhisky #instadram #whiskeycollection #whiskywednesday #dram