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What a wild couple of days!  Monday, our distillery consultant, Dave Pickerell arrived to help us test our equipment and start operations.  We were wildly optimistic!  By 10:30 last night, we were pretty beat, a bit frustrated but at least pleased to have a first mash in the fermenter.  But it took far too long and was by no means trouble free.

Enter day two.  Today.  With a bit of help from our mechanical contractors, Jim Phillips and Adam Adada of Mechanical & Solar, some elbow grease and renewed enthusiasm after a good night's sleep we were able to solve many of our original start-up challenges and complete our second mash in under 4 1/2 hours We are told this was the fastest 500 gal complete mash our distillery consultant had ever seen (and better than half the time of yesterday's mash).  But not only was it fast, but our first two mashes TASTE GREAT!  They are fermenting now and should go to the still in a few days.  YIPPEE!